Fic: Lump and the Stump

Written for the Goldenlake Fairytales Challenge. Cross-posted to Tamora Pierce Fanfiction Archive. :)

Title: Lump and the Stump
Ratings (and Warnings): PG, hints and the like
Summary: Beauty and the Beast, Owen style.
Notes: This is for the girls in the Kel/Wyldon thread. :D Thanks to Sue for the beta, and to Greeenie and Joa for all their help and cheerleading. :D

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Fic: Likeness

Title: Likeness
Rating: PG
Summary: She is like him.
Author's Notes: Written for choco_dreamer

She is like him, he thinks, watching her. Bright and shining on the outside, but the darkness lurks underneath the facade. Next to her bubbly blonde friend, she looked calm, collected, and perfect. To the world, it appeared as if nothing could stir her. But Chuck could see through her exterior, as carefully put together as his own. His eyes narrow as Nate puts his arm around her shoulders. Nate doesn’t appreciate her, he thinks to himself, he could never understand her. Chuck doesn’t know why he cares, but he does. He leaves, having found something else to ponder.


Fic: The Contes

Title: The Contes
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The Contes and Wyldon.
Warning: SLASH!

No man has the air of temptation Roger does. Those wicked eyes hinting at the darkness lurking within, the soft promise in his smile. To Wyldon, the Duke is irresistible, and even the slightest glance from the mage makes his knees weak.

After Her Majesty dies, Wyldon is there to console King Roald. And when Roald seeks comfort in his arms, he is there, waiting. That short week is one of the sweetest of his life, but also the most bitter, for he knows that his feelings for his King will never be returned.

When he answers an urgent summons only to walk in on an indecent King Jonathon, he blushes and apologises profusely, until Jon tells him he is being silly and to come a little closer. He does, and it is well worth the embarrassment.

At Northwatch, Prince Roald is chafing at the bit. The toll of his inactivity is taking hold, and Wyldon curses inwardly as the heir to the Tortallan throne kisses him passionately. He should know what lengths a Conte will go to in order to get his way. But Wyldon kisses him back, thinking that maybe there are a few lessons he could teach young knight yet.


Fic: The Chosen One

Title: The Chosen One
Rating: G
Summary: Gary wonders what she sees in him. For treanz. :)

Sometimes, Gary wonders what she sees in him. He’s hardly a knight in his prime anymore, and as much as he hates to admit it, he has let himself go more than a little bit. Of course, he has power, but somehow, he doubts that she is interested in it. After all, she had him wrapped around her little finger long before this. Why she would choose him when she had her pick of courtiers was beyond him.

However, when Vania wraps her arms around him and kisses him soundly, he kisses her back, thinking that it doesn’t really matter.

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Fic: Midwinter Celebrating

Title: Midwinter Celebrating
Rating: G
Summary: One couple has an interesting Midwinter. Drabble. Again, I had a couple in mind, cookies if you guess it. :)

It had started during the Midwinter celebrations, both drunk and alone. One moment, they were carolling merrily down the hall, in the next, they were exchanging sloppy kisses in a supply room. Both agreed in the light of day that it was an aberration, of no moment.

Yet the next night, they found themselves in each others’ arms again. So it continued, until the final night of Midwinter.

On the final night of Midwinter, they didn’t get far before the kissing began. Indeed, the door they entered as they fumbled with their tunics was the entrance to the Grand Ballroom.
One Ranger

Fic: Conquest

Title: Conquest
Rating: PG
Summary: She hungers for power. Drabble

They had power, and that drew her like a moth to a flame. But she had power too, in the way her emerald eyes would dance wickedly, inviting, tempting. In the way she wore her dresses and her hair and sashayed across the ballroom. More often than not, her conquests were far too easy.

But like any conqueror, as her conquests grew, so did her desire. Even the sapphire eyes of Tortall’s King did not stir her anymore. She needed a real challenge, one with more power than she already had.

The Copper Isles would give her what she needed.


Fic: Tempt

Title: Tempt
Rating: G
Summary: Blair sees temptation.
A/N: Gossip Girl drabble. Written for choco_dreamer

Blair was never really a player. But she learnt young that a Waldorf never showed weakness. After Nate, she promised herself never to let herself fall so deeply for someone again.

But then he came along, and showed her all those things that a good girl, and certainly a Waldorf, should never do. She could look into his dark eyes and see the temptations lurking beneath, the hidden promises.

Before she knew it, she was falling, harder than she ever had for Nate. And she knew she was headed for heartbreak.

If only she knew that she tempted him too.

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Fic: The Stump

Title: The Stump
Rating: G
Series: PotS
Summary: He could care less what the pages call him. Drabble.

Lord Wyldon was apathetic to the nickname Queenscove had given him. Boys would be boys after all.

The years passed, and the younger pages learnt the name too, before the older pages became squires. He did not care.

Wyldon quit as training master, yet he could see his nickname, unsaid, in their eyes as they bowed. It did not matter.

The squires became knights, serving under him at war. They looked at him with a new respect. He could care less.

Then one day, he heard the name come from her lips. He found he cared more than he should.

Fic: The Chase

Title: The Chase
Rating: G
Summary: Chuck likes the chase.
A/N: Gossip Girl drabble. Written for choco_dreamer

The thrill is in the chase, the capture, the kill. He doesn’t understand why other men settle down, how they can be satisfied with just the one woman for so long. Chuck Bass doesn’t want to know why, either.

Sometimes, he thinks he might understand, when he sees Blair walking down the road, shopping in hand. When she’s playing hostess, he sometimes wonders what it would be like to be standing next to her, his arm around her waist.

But he doesn’t want that, not really. The moment passes, and he is himself once more, ready for the next chase.